The average USA mobile app developer makes $50,000+ per year.

So what is coding all about?


Computer code is a language just like English and Spanish. It is used to program computers by applying mathematics and science to solve problems and innovate. Coding is step-by-step problem-solving using critical thinking and computer code. These are the skills taught at WeCodeAcademy.

Technology is the present and future. Right now, computer programming is one of the fastest growing fields in the United States, with the average annual salary of $50,000+. Learning to code opens the door to an expansion of your mind and a path to lucrative career opportunities.

About the Founder of WeCodeAcademy

Cheryle Renee Moses is a visionary and digital content creator. Her expertise includes graphic design, filmmaking, website and mobile app design and development. A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Cheryle has over 30 years computer/IT and graphic design experience. Recognizing the lack of women, blacks, Hispanics and Latinos in technology, she decided to start code training for the community with WeCodeAcademy. With the excellent talents and services of computer professionals, entrepreneurs and volunteers, WeCodeAcademy is making a coding difference!

Adult Programs

WeCodeAcademy provides technology training for adults with levels from beginner to expert. Our classes include Web Design and Development, Mobile App Design, Game Design, Adobe Creative Suite of Programs, Social Media Marketing, Filmmaking, Photography, Writing | How to Start a Business and The Art of Networking.

Youth Programs

WeCodeAcademy Youth Programs are open to ages 7-17 who have an interest in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM). WeCodeacademy Summer Program includes three- and five-day camps with morning and afternoon sessions. WeCodeAcademy Saturday School Program introduces coding to youth by teaming them with peers and mentors to design and develop prototypes for mobile/web apps and games.

Become a Mentor or Volunteer

WeCodeAcademy depends on mentors and volunteers to be successful. Mentors are needed. If you are a computer professional, web/app designer/developer, marketer, content creator, publicist, project manager, innovator, visionary, teacher, entrepreneurs, college students, retirees, parents, we need your help. Don't miss out on a great opportunity to make a difference! Register today!

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Learning to code can lead to a new career and/or better critical-thinking skills. Partner with WeCodeAcademy and bring one of our programs to your business, church or organization. For more information, call Renee at 404.460.2793 or email.

WeCodeAcademy Classes

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