Do you have good social skills? Are you a good communicator?

Do you have personal savvy?



Computer code is a language just like English and Spanish. It is used to program computers by applying mathematics and science to solve problems and innovate. Coding is step-by-step problem-solving using critical thinking and computer code. These are the skills taught at WeCodeAcademy.

d to start code training for the community with WeCodeAcademy. With the excellent talents and services of computer professionals, entrepreneurs and volunteers, WeCodeAcademy is making a coding difference!

The Problem:

Many youth and adults have very limited interpersonal skills. Most are uncomfortable with basic verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Why? Because ‘smart’ phones have made generations dumb to how to be human – communicating one-on-one, person-to-person, reading non-verbal cues, etc. We must find a healthy place for technology in daily lives while having interpersonal and social skills.

The Solution:

PerSavvy mobile app, platform, community and in-person classes. The PerSavvy app assesses your personal savvy, provides a roadmap to improving your score using virtual reality and artificial intelligence, and brings you into the PerSavvy family with in-person networking, digital/in-person consulting sessions and ongoing inter/intrapersonal skills development.

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WeCodeAcademy Classes

Offering 90-minute, one-on-one training for adults and youth.

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Youth After-School Program

Computer, social skills training and tutoring with pickup/dropoff.

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Six Metro-Atlanta Locations

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